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These are our everyday low price menu items for your vehicles maintenance.
The menu item prices below includes Parts and Labor.

4 Tire Rotation
Starting from $16.95

Lube, Oil and Mopar Filter
Starting from $27.95
(Search our website for a lower price)

Tire Patch
Starting from $27.95

Mopar Air Filter Replacement
Starting from $29.95

Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Starting From $79.99

Battery Service
Clean and Test
Starting from $29.95

Mopar Battery Replacement
Starting from $154.00

Rotate and Balance 4 Tires and Wheels
Starting from $49.95

Mount & Balance 4 Tires
Strarting from $80.00 

Mount & Balance 1 Tire
Starting from $20.00

Fill 4 Tires with Nitrogen
Free with tire purchase
Starting from $59.95

4 Wheel Alignment
Starting from $69.95

Mopar Drain and Refill Transfer Case
Starting from $57.95

Mopar Throttle Body Induction Service
Starting from $124.95

Tune Up
Mopar Spark Plug Replacement
4Cyl Starting from $124.95
6Cyl Starting from $189.95
8Cyl Starting from $219.95

Power Steering Fluid Exchange
Starting from $129.00

Mopar Brake Fluid Exchange
Starting from $129.00

Mopar Drain and Refill Front or Rear Differental
Starting from $139.95

Mopar Transmission Flush & Fluid Exchange
Starting from 169.95

Mopar Fuel Injection & Throttle Body Service
Starting from $219.95

Replace Mopar Front Pads & Resurface Rotors
Starting from $189.95
Replace Mopar Rear Pads & Resurface Rotors
Starting from $219.95

Mopar Sentry Keys & Remotes
Starting from $110.00

Mopar Wiper Blades
Starting from $23.99 per pair

Mopar Air Conditioning System Check
Includes 1 lb of freon
Starting from $89.95

Mopar Coolant Flush and Refill
Starting from $115.00

Headlamp Reconditioning
Starting from $59.99

Bulb Replacement
Starting From $4.99